It’s like a wine tasting…except it’s barbecue.


Entrepreneur Plans Barbecue Tour of Cowtown

Date: September 11th
Source: Barry Shlachter, Scott Nishimura and Sandra Baker Star-Telegram Staff Writers

Local entrepreneur Billy Delp never got to go on a tour of some of Brooklyn's best pizza joints. It was sold out on the Fourth of July when he wanted to go.

But it sparked a conversation with a food tour owner in the New York City borough, who told Delp that if he lived in Texas, he'd do a barbecue tour.

Starting Oct. 4, Texas Bar-B-Q Tour will move its first paying customers through Cowtown, with stops at Angelo's, Smokey's, Smokey’s Barbecue and Off the Bone. (He chose them by ratings given by, ahem, Dallas' D magazine.) Customers get food and transport.

The 5 hour tour will run daily, Delp told us.

People staying at hotels near the airport or in Dallas can hop on the Trinity Railway Express and ride to the T&P Station or meet at the downtown stop, where a chartered bus will meet them. 

Delp, an enthusiastic soul who sounds like he's at least four cups of coffee ahead of the rest of the world, said he has learned from food tour entrepreneurs that half the customers are local. And he found out that as long as the driver is paid, alcoholic libations can be enjoyed aboard the bus.

"The Lord has blessed me on this. I don't know why," said Delp, a Texan who has experience in the convenience store and restaurant businesses and marvels at what he is convinced is a brilliant idea. So brilliant that there's already talk of some sort of reality TV angle. "But I'm sworn to secrecy," said Delp, who doesn't sound like he can keep much to himself for long.