It’s like a wine tasting…except it’s barbecue.


"Incredible Tour"

Reviewed January 28, 2018

My husband and I had a BLAST! Billy Ray is an excellent tour guide - funny, friendly, and really knowledgeable about Fort Worth, its history, and the BBQ! Each BBQ place you visit is different, but delicious. Come hungry, because you are facing a lot of food. Well worth the money. Thank you so much!

"Fort Wort/Dallas Best BBQ Tour"

Reviewed October 25, 2017

This is a "Must Do" tour. Not only do you get fantastic Texas BBQ (which is well worth the price of admission), but you get a tour and historical details of Fort Worth. Billy Ray is a tremendous guide to all the fantastic places in Fort Worth...several photo opportunities. This is, by far, the best tour I have ever been on!!!

"More than just a food tour."

Reviewed October 24, 2017

In addition to food, consider this as a guided tour by your favorite cousin. You will visit the Stockyards, the Water Garden, and numerous other sights in and around Fort Worth. Three really fine BBQ places - and not just for the food! See up close how the meat is prepared by the cooks themselves.

"Wonderful Time!!"

Reviewed September 8, 2017

Billy Ray is awesome. He seems to know everyone in Fort Worth, shares interesting historical details, and keeps the tour hopping. And then there is the food.... I don't think I ate for at least 24 hours after! A must do!

"A MUST to do!!"

Reviewed July 20, 2017

This was so much more fun than we expected. What a great combo to visit most all the sights in Ft Worth and then then to top it off eating at 3 famous BBQ places. A big wow. There were plenty of opportunities for photo shots which we took advantage off. Billy Ray has an outstanding personality and easily relates to everyone. Loved the history portion of the tour... he knows Ft Worth and his BBQ. Come hungry because you will get a lot of great food. Bought Smokeys BBQ sauce and love it. Thanks Billy Ray.. a great time enjoyed by all

"Very cool tour"

Reviewed July 12, 2017

Billy Ray is the Man. He goes beyond the call of duty to make sure not only your BBQ tour, but your whole stay in Fort Worth & Dallas is sensational. So much info, so many laughs, so much great food. Miss this tour, you are missing life!

"Great food and fun with Billy Ray"

Reviewed July 7, 2017

Our first tour for Dallas and it was more than we expected. Billy Ray ensured we had a great time and the food was amazing, it was an added bonus to see some of the sights around Fort Worth. It was great to meet Billy Ray's dad and wife too.

"Must do experience for FW natives and foreigners alike!"

Reviewed April 8, 2017

No matter how long you have lived in Cowtown, there is so much history and so many things to see & do. Billy Ray hits on all cylinders on this trip. His insight and inside knowledge make the BBQ tastings even more delicious. The cold beer doesn't hurt either!

"Beers, Bbq and Billy...What more could you ask for!!!!!"

Reviewed April 5, 2017

Billy was very accommodating picking us up from the train station to start our tour. We were taken all over Fort Worth and given a insight into the town and its history. We then proceeded to three different locations with some of the best Brisket and Ribs I've ever had!!!!! As well as exclusive behind the counter and pit access that only Billy can give you in Fort Worth. All of this was topped off with great stories and "dad" jokes.

Well done Billy great tour!

"Great birthday fun with Billy!"

Reviewed March 6, 2017

My brother and sisters and I were trying to come up with a unique event for my Mom's 80th birthday. She is a character who has had many fun and different experiences - we were having trouble coming up with something special enough for her until we read the Trip Advisor reviews of this tour. It did not disappoint!! Billy made the tour fun and interesting with all his quirky stories and anecdotes. And the Bar-B-Que we were introduced to was the best we've ever tasted. Not to mention all the genuinely nice people we met along the way. This tour is wonderful for anyone old enough to appreciate good food and patient enough to let a very fun day unfold. Kudos to Billy!

"Perfect Christmas Gift"

Reviewed February 6, 2017

This was a great day, great food, great tour! Our daughter thought it was a perfect Christmas gift for her Dad. She was right!

"Excellent tour!"

Reviewed November 12, 2016

Billy is very personable and the food was amazing!!! It was a great tour in passing through Ft. Worth, definitely recommend for all.

"Fantastic food and fun on Texas Bar-B-Q Tour!"

Reviewed October 20, 2016

My husband I returned to my hometown of Dallas for a vacation, and we came across the Texas Bar-B-Q Tour on TripAdvisor. Based on the tour description and the reviews, we signed up, and what a fun time we had with Billy! Although I grew up in Dallas and lived near Fort Worth for a few years, I learned lots of interesting things about Fort Worth. Billy took us to many interesting sights that included lots of great photo ops. He shared history and stories with humor, and we felt like we had known him for years.

After touring around, we got down to business with the Bar-B-Q! Billy is a true BBQ insider and took us to the best local joints in town. We had very ample tastings at each restaurant (more food than we could eat) that included brisket, ribs, sausage, turkey, and sides. Each place had different things that made it special so it's impossible to pick favorites. I would go back to any of them. However, I absolutely must mention that in addition to the incredible BBQ and sides, our day was topped off with the best vanilla buttermilk pie I've ever had in my life (possibly the best pie of any kind I've ever had)!

Thanks, Billy, for a wonderful day! Can't wait to come back for more!

"Food Coma"

Reviewed October 7, 2016

We were told by friends that when in Texas we had to get on this BBQ tour, and we weren't disappointed! We were lucky enough to have Billy Ray all to ourselves so it became a very personal food tour of Fort Worth. Billy entertained us the whole way and showed us all the sights of Fort Worth especially the Stockyards on the way to three three different food stops. The BBQ food was beautiful, tender and mouthwatering. Every stop featured brisket, ribs and sausage, sides and drink. Billy Ray also takes you out back of the restaurants to show you were all the meat is being prepared. We highly recommend this tour when you are anywhere near Fort Worth.


Reviewed September 7, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune of being talked into taking a tour of ft worth and a number of the local BBQ restaurants. To say the tour guide is a passionate fellow just doesnt do it justice. Can you say future reality TV star?! Oh and speaking of passion, the people at Smokey's have a buttermilk pie that is a life changing experience.

"Do this, it's great!"

Reviewed September 5, 2016

While everyone is aware that Texas is Bar-B-Q- country, were you aware that Ft. Worth has some of the best in the state? Book a tour with Billy Ray. He will take you to some of the city's best (and it's got a lot). A very entertaining gentleman with some great knowledge of the city and he has chosen some of the best Bar-B-Q joints in this town. Truly outstanding. You will not come away hungry. Thanks Billy Ray.

"Put some south in your mouth!"

Reviewed August 3, 2016 via mobile

My partner and I came down for an impromptu weekend and thought what better way to see a city than a food tour - boy were we right! Billy Bob has such a wealth of knowledge about Ft Worth and is more than gracious in sharing. Not only was the tour great, but he takes you to all the best local spots to get the best food and pictures. The off the trail BBQ restaurants would be missed by most, but not missed on this tour. Billy Bob, the BBQ and the beers had us smiling all day. Would recommend 1000%.

"Dare I tour ever"

Reviewed August 1, 2016

I came up with the idea to take my father and grandfather on a tour of Ft. Worth. We are Dallas folks and haven't had much experience with Ft. Worth as a city or the BBQ they have to offer. I can now tell you more than you'd want to know about Ft. Worth..."because I learned it on the BBQ Tour" The tour was incredibly entertaining and the food was amazing. Billy Ray kept everyone laughing and was a wonderful tour guide. Three Generations of Sharrock men couldn't have been any more please with experience we had on Texas Bar-B-Q Tour.


Reviewed June 19, 2016

My family booked the Texas Bar-B-Q Tour for Fathers Day and my mother's birthday. To much fun!!! From the bus ride to the Fort Worth sight seeing tour to the top shelf BBQ food tour... the trip was awesome!!! I don't know when I have laughed so much with my family. Billy Ray was so funny and so very attentive. There were 20 family members on the tour. My parents would not quit talking about the family BBQ tour for days! Thank you Billy Ray for the priceless memories! THE BEST!!!!

"Great Food, Great Fun, Great Day"

Reviewed June 19, 2016 via mobile

I went on the Texas Bar-B-Q Tour this weekend and must say that I enjoyed every minute . I knew little about Ft Worth and its history, but Billy Ray managed to provide plenty of interesting facts about the city in between his plethora of jokes.

We stopped at what has to be the 3 best bar-b-q restaurants that Cowtown has to offer. He made sure that we were treated like family at each and every one. There was plenty to eat, as we ate until we were stuffed. I can't recommend this tour enough.

Thanks Billy Ray!

"Great Food-Great Guide"

Reviewed May 18, 2016

If Fort Worth was its own country, Billy Ray should be the Ambassador. Since it isn't I would at least give him the title, "Ambassador of BarBQue." My parents and I had a lovely time learning about the history and culture of Fort Worth by visiting the old train station, the water park, downtown for the cattle drive, as well as other sights and three excellent BarBQue restaurants. Billy Ray is enthusiastic and really likes showing off his city. We had a lot of fun and a lot of food. We highly recommend this tour.

"The best food tour I have been on ever!"

Reviewed April 3, 2016

So - I wanted to take a food tour with my husband who is from the Northwest. I grew up in Texas, but he is an avid foodie and I wanted him to experience some awesome BBQ. We were home visiting my family and celebrating my Birthday. THIS WAS THE BEST THING I PLANNED FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK!

So - Billy Ray is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable - and his passion is contagious. We had a great local tour - which was far better than ones I have given in the past. It was super fun to have someone else drive us around - and we hit some of the awesome Ft. Worth highlights. He took us to 3 of the best BBQ joints I have ever been to - each with their own special flair. My husband was blown away. 

We went back to some of them later in the week - and still didn't get enough! Even if you are a local - TAKE THIS! It will be fun for you and your friends and a MUST for anyone visiting from another state.

I really can't say enough. We were so stuffed when we were done, we took naps.

Thanks, Billy Ray, for a lovely tour and making my visit home special.

"Do This !!!"

Reviewed March 5, 2016

Billy Ray was an excellent guide, knowledgeable about history and building in Fort Worth. Food excellent. Had a very enjoyable experience. Would recommend highly.

"A day full of new attractions"

Reviewed November 13, 2015

Biily our tour guide is a local resident of Fort Worth and he meet us at the Fort Worth light rail station on time. We visited the highlights of the town including the old railway station, the water fountain park, the shopping town which is a little hidden gem and the JFK Memorial. We visited the stock yards and we saw the cattle drive, the local hotels and their cowboy/girl fitted out deco. We ate at three different dinners and had mouth watering smoked ribs. We meet Billys father who gave us a history talk on the area and Billy was also very informative on the history .Its the only tour in the area a very pleasurable day. At the end of the day he dropped us at the Light rail so we caught the train back to Dallas.

"Start here!"

Reviewed November 3, 2015 via mobile

Start your visit to Ft Worth with Billy and his tour. A fantastic blend of history and food. We thoroughly enjoyed this activity.

"Great Food"

Reviewed November 3, 2015

My son and I were in town for the Seahawks game and planned this tour for the Saturday before the game. Last year we did a similar tour in Kansas City. The first 90 minutes was a tour of the city.. Billy was a fun guide. The cattle drive was entertaining but the best part was the food. All three restaurants were good and the three of us all had a different favorite. 

My son (11) eats a lot. Heading into the last restaurant he was still hungry but even he couldn't eat it all. - Great tour. My son decided Texas BBQ is better than the KC BBQ.. I'm still not sure. Might need to try Carolina next year.

The tour went over by a little more than an hour .. It was great for Billy to spend the extra time with us.

"What a hoot!"

Reviewed November 1, 2015

What great fun. I was a little skeptical when I saw the price, but we read some reviews and decided to give it a shot. We were so glad we did. Being around Billy Ray is an adventure in itself. He is energetic, knowledgable and thoroughly enjoys what he does . He is also a songwriter and has a couple of fine songs I advise you to listen to. You don't just get a tour, your, you get a combination guide and concierge. He called us the night before the tour and gave us suggestions for a restaurant for dinner and took us to the bank and drug store following the tour. NOW for the main topic - the food is great and you will get enough food that you will not eat dinner that evening after he drops you off. Also, you are given a history lesson with each stop and get to meet the pit masters. We agreed that it was well worth the money and I highly recommend a day with Billy Ray and great barbecue.

"If you've never been to Ft. Worth, do this first! If you have, this still is a must do!!"

Reviewed October 8, 2015

My husband and I had never been to Texas, let alone Ft. Worth. My husband is a BBQ lover from Wisconsin - in fact is a Kansas Certified BBQ Society judge. So I booked the tour before we left on our trip. I called to confirm that we were coming and spoke with Billy Ray. He was so easy going and pleasant to talk to. Also, very informative about places to stay and things to do in the Ft. Worth area. He told me that if I had any questions about anything in the Ft. Worth area, give him a call. He called & emailed us before we left to let us know that we were the only ones on the tour that day, Sept. 25, and that if we were staying close enough, he would come and pick us up in our hotel. And that is what he did. We were so excited to try some Texas BBQ, but the tour was so much more than that! Billy Ray took us to see some sights in downtown Ft. Worth, to Joe T. Garcias (great Mexican food), the cattle drive at The Stockyards and AT&T stadium, even taking some great pictures of us. Along the way he gave us some background and told us stories that made it all the more interesting. Then it was on to 3 different BBQ places. Each unique with it's own style of BBQ, but all good. My husband especially enjoyed checking out the BBQ pits. Billy Ray writes his own songs and even sang us a couple. A very enjoyable four hours. This tour has it all - sights of Ft. Worth, great food and a great, entertaining host. Would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting or even living in Ft. Worth.

"The Texas Bar-B-Q Tour was fantastic!!!"

Reviewed September 2, 2015

If your looking for a good time, sight seeing, and amazing fall off the bone barbecue this is definitely the tour for you. Bill our Tour Guide was fantastic, he is very knowledgeable about his City (Fort Worth, TX), and Barbecue. My wife and I absolutely loved the tour!

"What more can I saw that hasn't already been said"

Reviewed August 26, 2015

As we had never been to Fort Worth before and wanted to see as much as we could in the short time we were here be booked the tour and are glad we did. Billy Ray was very passionate and knowledgeable about Fort Worth and we say more in the 5 hours we were with him than we thought we would. And the food. That was just awesome. Visiting the actual bbq pits was great. Visited three different bbq places and each cooked their foods in different ways, whether it be the wood used for the smoking of the time of cooking. Couldn't pick a best. 

Would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Fort Worth.

"Favorite part of my visit!"

Reviewed May 10, 2015

My husband and I enjoyed spending two hours checking out Texas barbeque. Billy is informative, laid back, and I must add a song writer (look out Nashville!) He gave us a quick downtown tour, and then we got to the business of barbeque. We enjoyed each stop, and we still disagree on which one was the best.

"Not your average tour!"

Reviewed April 30, 2015 via mobile

This was my first trip to Texas and I was doing it solo. I booked this tour for a chance to see the city and try some amazing food and I sure wasn't disappointed. Three stops along the way to try some of the best BBQ in Fort Worth will leave you so full you think you're gonna explode! 
Billy is an amazing host and his personal life stories are one of the best bits of this tour. Our group was small but everyone was amazing. I got to see some amazing things and learn some cool facts about Fort Worth but the people I met were definetaly the best part of this tour.

"Fort Worth's BBQ Experience! Don't miss out!"

Reviewed March 30, 2015

My family and I were heading to Fort Worth, Texas for a weekend wedding and we were looking for something fun to do while visiting, and we we came across the Texas Bar-B-Q Tour. We booked our tickets and contacted the owner, Billy Ray. From our phone conversation to the last minutes on our tour, he was polite, funny, and had a lot of knowledge about Fort Worth’s history and barbecue.

We were lucky because my family was the only ones on the tour that day, and Billy Ray was able to adapt his itinerary to our needs. Our hotel was on his way into Fort Worth and he picked us up right in the lobby. We made our way through the city and heard a lot about the history. We got out to take some pictures at the Fort Worth Water Gardens and then we continued on a driving tour of Fort Worth before continuing on to the Stockyards. Billy dropped us off while he parked the car, and we grabbed a drink and made our way to watch the cattle drive. Billy was great photographer helping to capture our time together on the trip. 

After watching the cattle drive, we were ready for the main event, barbeque. The first stop was at Angelo’s where we given a quick tour of the smokers and then sat down to a sampling of brisket, a rib, sausage, beans, potato salad and coleslaw. There was a table reserved for us and the food came out as soon as we sat down. We enjoyed our meal alongside a frosty glass of beer. It was delicious!

Next, was Off the Bone. Once again, there was a reserved table waiting for us and our food came right out. The management of here was fantastic, knew Billy Ray, and treated us wonderfully. The sampling we had here was almost the same as Angelo’s. The ribs were phenomenal and the barbeque sauce was so delicious that we purchased a bottle, and the owner Eddie even signed our bottle. He was very hospitable! Although the barbecue was so delicious it didn’t need the sauce, the sauce added a little something extra. We followed Eddie to the smokers out back as he shared how his business has been expanding and told us about the additional smokers he needed to add. It was clear to us why he was so successful.

Finally, we went to Smokeys. Billy Ray brought a cooler with some beer for us and we had a platter to create our own brisket sandwiches, homemade bread, beans, and a unique buttermilk pie sampling of both regular and chocolate. It was all very filling and delicious. I was even able to head to the kitchen to see some of the action that happens back there.

We finished the tour by heading to the Dallas Cowboy stadium and Billy Ray was so kind to make a little stop for my mom to purchase something for a friend in their gift shop! It was a first for Billy Ray, but like I said, he was willing to do whatever we needed to have a great trip! We didn’t need to go on the train since Billy Ray was able to pick us up and drop us off, and we didn’t miss it one bit.

Overall, the tour was one of the highlights of our trip! Some may say that it is pricey, but it was well worth the experience, food, and education. You get transportation, food, and fun…all in one afternoon! 

If you are debating doing this tour, don’t wait…it will be one of the best things you did in Fort Worth. Thanks for a great experience, Billy Ray!

"Billy, Barbeque, and Fort Worth"

Reviewed December 31, 2014

We only thought we knew good barbeque. We didn't. Now we do. 

We just concluded our New Years Eve Day "Tour for Two". What a memorable way to get ready for 2015. The tour is as advertised - only better. As we were a bit familiar with Fort Worth, we chose to spend more time visiting with Billy as we sampled different joints. We stopped at Angelo's, Off The Bone and Smokey's. They are equally great. Loved Eddy at Off The Bone. He will autograph your bottles of his sauce - as good as there is. The baked products at Smokey's the best. They make their own vanilla extract. Angelo's had a a long line and super ribs. Billy was family at each. 

We have been around for a long time. But we have never tasted barbeque better than this. And had never been around the barbeque pits talking with the Pitmasters. Well done Billy. 

If you are thinking about this tour, don't think any more. Do it!

Billy, Barbeque and Fort Worth should be a song. Maybe it will be as Billy is - among many successful things - a songwriter!

"Best way to experience Fort Worth"

Reviewed November 15, 2014 via mobile

A group of us were in FW for the first time and we were glad we stumbled across Billy's BBQ. We had a great time and had great food!

"Billy Ray will treat you right! Do this tour!"

Reviewed October 26, 2014 via mobile

Oh boy I am glad we did this tour! Billy Ray will treat you like family. His infectious passion for all things Fort Worth and Texas are on show. If you like BBQ, heck even if you don't, this tour is the absolute best introduction

"We had a wonderful time!!"

Reviewed August 18, 2014

We just wanted to write a note to let everyone know what a great time we had on the Barb-B-Q tour!! The day was so much fun... Billy really makes you feel comfortable. Learning about Fort Worth was fun, some of the areas we had seen before, but we still learned something new! The BBQ was outstanding, meeting the cooks was interesting. We decided to extend our day and headed to Dallas on the rail passes Billy gave us. I could not believe when my cell phone rang that evening and it was Billy checking on us to make sure we were enjoying things. That was something he did not have to do and it really made us feel good! I would recommend this to anyone local or from out if town! Thanks for a great memory!!!

"Best Intro to Texas BBQ for visitors"

Reviewed July 12, 2014
A great day spent with an interesting & informative local. We were treated like royalty. Food was amazing. The little stops to check out tourist & non-tourist spots was great. Would recommend this to anyone visiting Dallas & Fort Worth. Thanks Billy Ray for a warm & wonderful introduction to your home town.

"Best dog gone food tour in Texas!"

Reviewed June 23, 2014

Creating an interesting weekend for my Honey and myself included the Texas Bar-B-Q Tour with Billy Ray! It was great fun! Billy Ray is the quintessential down home good 'ole Texas boy and he showed us a grand 'ole time! Snippets of history, local stories about Ft. Worth, local sites to see, a few songs thrown in for good measure and the BEST dang BBQ this side of the Red River! Mmmm-mmmmm....finger lickin' material! So....People! If you are looking for some good folks to hang out with for a while and some excellent chow to tantalize your taste buds with, you struck gold! Get yourself into Ft. Worth proper and get this party started! 

Be sure to try it all!

We will return, Billy Ray!

"George Strait Weekend"

Reviewed June 7, 2014 via mobile

Got my lady tickets to the George Strait (Cowboy Rides Away) Concert & she surprised me with a BBQ Tour with the man, the myth, the legend Billy Ray. Haven't had this much fun packed into one day since Spring Break 2002. Billy is a sensational tour guide and does a magnificent job of making everyone on his tour laugh and feel right at home. You will leave with a wealth of knowledge! All 3 BBQ Restaurants he took us to were fabulous. We ate brisket, ribs, sausage, beans, turkey, cole slaw, and potato salad throughout our tour. Being on a competitive BBQ Cooking Team [BIG BOYZ BBQ] I judged the BBQ we ate based on taste, texture, and presentation. I won't mention the names of the restaurants, but I'll tell you this. The first restaurant had the best brisket hands down, the second restaurant had the best ribs, and the last restaurant had the best beans and was my favorite overall. Make this tour part of your next trip to Fort won't be disappointed!

"Outstanding beyond the norm hospitality"

Reviewed May 13, 2014

Billy unfortunately had a nasty bad accident in the days leading up to my scheduled tour and so whilst he initially contacted me to cancel the tour, he subsequently offered to take me for bbq as a personal favour (and despite his obvious pain and discomfort that he was still in). As a solo traveller, this resulted in me sharing a fabulous and thoroughly enjoyable few hours in the fantastic company of Billy and his wonderful wife Jill.

We went for bbq and beer at one of Billy's favourite bbq joints, where I got to meet the owner, see the bbq pits in action and taste lots and lots of the different types of meat. And this was all as a personal favour, without any fee being charged to me whatsoever and with my fee being returned to me following the cancellation.

Billy also showed me around Fort Worth in his own car on a little mini-personal tour, checking out one of his fave local Mexican joints and various parts of the city itself.

What can I say, other than this was all in all second to none genuine Texas hospitality at its best. I'd vouch for Billy and this tour to anybody.

"Unique Kind of Tour"

Reviewed May 11, 2014

We wanted to do something different while visiting Fort Worth. What better tour to take than a BBQ one!??!?! Billy is awesome! He is very personable and informative about the area. Not only do you get to sample BBQ from three of the top six BBQ places in Dallas/Fort Worth, you get to go behind the scenes and see the pit areas and talk with the pit masters.

While driving between BBQ joints, you get to see a lot of the city while in a nice air conditioned vehicle. Along the way, Billy stops and allows time to visit a few of the top tourist locations (i.e. water gardens, stockyards). Billy does a great tour. I recommend this tour to anyone who loves BBQ and is in the Dallas / Fort Worth area!!!


Reviewed April 30, 2014

The guide was fantastic and very will informed and the BBQ was great. It does not matter whether you are a local or from out of state, you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend it even for the locals. Be sure to come hungry . All of the people at the restaurants were great. It was a very enjoyable tour. I highly recommend it to all. Words alone can not describe this tour. I think it is something that I would like to do again.

"The best bbq we've ever had!!"

Reviewed April 14, 2014 via mobile

This was an awesome tour! We was still full hours after our tour!! Me and my husband when on this tour as a way to try great bbq on our trip to Texas, we was not disappoint, we had such a great time. The next day we even made it back to two out of three of the restaurants to get more food to bring home with us!!! We even got an awesome tour of downtown Fort Worth. If you have never been to Texas, like my husband, this is a great way to see and taste Texas! My husband wasn't a big bbq rib fan until this trip, I was so glad we had such an great tour guide! Thank you so much Billy!

"A Definate MUST!"

Reviewed March 12, 2014

I booked this tour as a birthday gift for my husband and I'm so glad I did! Billy Ray met us at the TRE station and he showed us a few of the sites downtown: The Renovated T&P station, Water Gardens, Sundance Square, a driving tour of downtown Fort Worth, and then off too the Stock Yards to watch the cattle drive. After all that the BBQ tasting began. Billy Ray took us to three award winning BBQ restaurants to have a sampling of their ribs, brisket, sausage, chicken, sauce, coleslaw, and potato salad. By the time we finished our 3rd restaurants sampling's we were full to the brim with food and BBQ knowledge ;-). Billy Ray is a wonderful tour guide and makes you feel instantly comfortable with his easy going manner and wonderful sense of humor. This 4 hour tour is so worth the time and money. If you book it you won't be disappointed...Just make sure you arrive hungry!

"You can feel touch and taste texas! This tour ROCKS!!"

Reviewed January 15, 2014

By far the most awesome BBQ tour there is.....don't make the mistake of missing out on this experience, I cant wait to book another one. Took a group that came in from all over the country (some who said they didn't like sauce on their BBQ), have to say, they are STILL talking about the tour, the sauces and most of all.. Billy Ray, the tour director extraordinaire! No one left hungry, our stomachs were sore from laughing all night at the stories, the jokes and all the fun! Loved the kitchen and smoker tours, even got to lock the door to the restaurant! Billy puts the T... in Texas toast, the ye in ye...haw and most of all the true Texan experience in this tour. Don't forget to save room for the awesome can't go wrong!!! If you don't know the words to the song, Billy Ray will even sing it for you! Yea Billy!

"Texas BBQ Tour Fun and Foodtastic"

Reviewed October 27, 2011

I hosted a Veterans Ships reunion with 20 or so Veterans from the 40's, 50's and 60's, ranging from ages 90 to 65, the tour guide Billy RAY Delp, was well informed, professional, fun, and overall a terrific person. The foods was terrific, the service was terrific, I can not complain about one aspect of this tour, by days end the group was singing George Straight on the bus. I have been on many tours, in many different states, this tour captured the essence of Texas in every aspect, from the A to Z. I give a big thumbs up to this tour.... It was a fun and a foodtastic experience, GOOD JOB BILLY RAY, all the Veterans loved it, thank you